Our Monthly Call Series


As part of our mission, the task force showcases relational practices from many perspectives.  We’re launching a monthly Zoom* series beginning in October.  Each call will be stimulating and inspirational.

Beyond sharing information, we intend to create a relational community.  On each call, we will set aside time for participants to introduce themselves and talk about how this conversation impacts them, what support and resources they might need from others in the group, etc.

* Our Platform:  Zoom is a video-conferencing service.  It allows for both video and audio communications. When possible, please sign in with video and your camera on.

Call Schedule

Calls are held on the first Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. Eastern/1:00 p.m. Pacific.  To get help on your time zone, check here.

In general, we will follow this format:
x:00 to x:10:            Welcome and Brief Intro/Check Ins
x:10 to x:15:            Grounding Reflection
x:15 to x:25:            Speaker seeds conversation
x:25 to x:45:           General discussion about the speaker’s topic
[End of Recording]
x:45 to x:55:         General conversation, check in (community building)
x:55 to x:00:         Close the space and announce next speaker



October 4         Sallie Lee, Appreciative Voice       Recording

November 1     Randall Kiser, Soft Skills                   Recording

December 6    Luemara Wagner, Spiral Dynamics: Life Conditions, Value Systems & Relationships    Register

January 3          Community Event:  A Relational New Year

February 7        Donna Hicks, Dignity

March 7             Eileen Barker, Forgiveness

April 4                Mariette Geldenhuys,  Grief

May 2                 Dominic Barter, Restorative Practices

June  6              Rhonda Magee,  Identity-based Bias in Relationships

July 4                US Independence Day Holiday, no call

August 1         Summer Break, no call

September 5  New Series will begin

Space Holders and Reflection Leaders

October 7          Rebecca Ram Devi Prien      Register

November 1     Alisa Gray

December 6   Annabelle Berrios

January 3          Community Event:  A Relational New Year

February 7        Nicolle Kopping-Pavars

March 7             Hilda Porro

April 4               Idara Bassey

May 2                 Linda Alvarez

June  6              Henry Yampolsky 


Community Building

We are hoping to build a community of regulars who welcome others to join each week.  After the formal conversation, we will take time to get to know each other  You can share a triumph, ask a general question, or seek support.  This segment will not be recorded and shared with the public.